Totally Random

I Thought she was special she thought I was handsome. She thought we should go back to being friends I thought it was out of the blue, totally random. Thought I was a good boyfriend like I’ve been a good son, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle and grandson. But there’s more girls in the Galaxy all […]

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Crisis Containment

Today I sped down a vacant highway then I saw something suspicious. It was a carcass covered in crows and her clothes were shredded to stitches. Groans rung out without an audible word. I shouted “freeze” yet they continued to tread forward. Suddenly, Jane Doe awakened and reached for my leg yet, when I last […]

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The reason I’m alive…? Not sure but I arrived with hopes to be great, at least that’s what I strive for and stride toward, thrive on failure… but it’s not something I really got the time for so, you can either get on board for the ride or… just keep it moving forward… like a […]

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Lost One

Why do we plan for a long life instead of living each day like life is short how do we go from being full of life to being on life support It’s hard to sit here and write my thoughts cause I’m lost for words, all I can do is pour some liquor and light […]

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Not sure where to aim but I want acclaim so I shoot for the stars since the cap and gown my path has remained unchanged and yet, I thought I came so far to keep myself afloat I sit and divulge unload — turn all my moping into notes It’s therapeutic nothing compares to a […]

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She knows my heart, but we have opposing intentions With each second that ticks we just weather the tension I guess, I wouldn’t have to pay, if I ever paid attention maybe if I spoke in more than a text and was more attentive but I have no plans to move on, nor do I […]

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We went on break, took a Recess Reset Reflect now we’re closer than ever when I say I love you, it’s not just a Reflex promise to always be honest and keep it one hundred love her to death, until rivers run red the woman I wanna wake up next to and lay my head […]

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