I cover the page with the color blue (I…) try to cover up my flaws with expensive shoes (I…) wear a smile to try to cover up my real mood (I…) get called names by girls and I wonder if it’s really true (I…)  need to get it off my chest but there’s no one […]

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If you’re a nice guy, girls treat you foul  and it’s always flagrant but I still have room for two, my heart’s always vacant. Whenever I develop a crush,  it seems, she’s always taken clouds over head… it’s always raining hands in my pockets,  head always hanging. Earphones on, music always blasting try to silence […]

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Zone Out

I wanted to be a rapper but I couldn’t freestyle  meanwhile, I grab a pen and paper,  let the beat pound check the cadence,  make sure the last line made sense so, I read aloud  zone out, seconds become minutes,  weeks compile sky’s the limit or whatever my degree allows mystique unique, profound  pronounce — […]

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The Mumford’s Miracle

      It was the 22nd of December, snow cloaked the sidewalks and swathed the leafless trees. A chill was in the air, but it didn’t stop the Mumfords from bundling up and heading downtown. Marshal was forced by his wife, Melissa, to bring their two sons, Marty and Mason, to Macy’s for a […]

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Ain’t Myself

Should I sprint or pace myself? No ones in my league, I have no desire to race myself. Maybe I ain’t myself. What happened to the need to be the best, brag and praise myself? Don’t wanna look back at missed opportunities and hate myself, don’t wanna deface the person I am, I embrace myself  […]

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The (Less) Real World 

I watched the first episode of the most recent Real World season and it seems they’re trying for tension. Shortly after, I watched season one of The Real World. Huge difference. The entire cast comes from different walks of life, any drama would draw from personal beliefs, prejudice and misperception. However, one of the things […]

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The Best 4

If it’s too much to bare,

I’m here to place the burden on

things aren’t always perfect 

but it’s always worth working on.

This isn’t how I planned on 

ending the year

as you extend a hand 

with extensive tears

but if you ever need to talk, 

I’ll always lend an ear.

Maybe, I’ve been a bit complacent 

stuck in the same routine, 

pace up and down the pavement 

I guess distance took a toll, 

my job offers me hours 

but I didn’t expect this to be the payment.

I hope you know I still love you,

I still think you’re amazing —

special too.

Miss you’re smile,

your freckles too.

I failed, I should of been there to rescue you.

Guess, there’s somethings 

we both have to wrestle through.

Until then a text will do.

You have all my love,

all I want is the best for you.

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